2018 President of the Contra Costa County Bar Association

2018 President of the Contra Costa County Bar Association

On Friday, January 26, 2018, James Y. Wu, Owner of the the Law Office of James Y. Wu, was officially installed as the President of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA).  James has served on the CCCBA Board of Directors for over six years, and has served on a variety of Board committees including the following:  Editorial Board of the CC Lawyer Magazine, Personnel Committee, Communications Committee, Membership & Education Committee, Diversity Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and the Criminal Conflicts Panel (CCP) Contract Committee.  James joined the CCCBA in the early 2000’s, and also served on the Board of the Employment Law Section, and was President of the Employment Law Section in 2008.  James has practiced employment law for over 22 years, and has practiced in Contra Costa County since 2001.

Great CCCBA Staff and Member Volunteers

For 2018 at the CCCBA, James is very excited to be working with the dedicated staff, lead by Theresa Hurley, Executive Director.  Theresa’s team keeps the CCCBA running at top performance to serve the members, the public, and the Bench.  Additionally, James is lucky to have an outstanding Board of Directors, including a top-notch Executive Committee of Wendy McGuire Coats, Oliver Greenwood, Laura Ramsey, and Philip Andersen, and a fantastic Board in general.

Amazing 2017

The Board and all the Section Leaders, and other volunteers truly make the CCCBA one-of-a-kind and one of the most active bar associations in the country.  As an example, in 2017, CCCBA Members donated a total of approximately $106,000.00 to various local non-profit organizations and scholarships.  Members also donated at least 2,300 hours volunteering in the Superior Court of Contra Costa County by serving as Discovery Facilitators, Pro Tem Judges, at the Family Law Self-Represented Litigant Calendar and Clinic, and by providing Legal Workshops.  Additionally, Board, committee, and section members spent over 1,500 hours managing programs and planning for the future, and the 20 CCCBA Sections held over 100 events in 2017.

Also, in 2017, the CCCBA developed and presented the first ever Diversity Award to recognize law firms who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity in the legal profession.  James is proud that his firm (under the previous name of Wu Castillo, P.C.) was one of ten firms recognized with a Diversity Award.

Focus on 2018

For 2018, in addition to maintaining and building upon the tremendous work and success that the CCCBA has enjoyed over the years, James has created a committee focused on addressing the needs of the County’s most experienced/senior attorneys.  In 2017, approximately 76% of CCCBA members were over 41 years old, and 34% were over 60 years old.  James has tasked a committee to analyze what we can do to keep these members engaged with the CCCBA, what programs (social, educational, or otherwise) do these members desire, and opportunities for the CCCBA to tap the incredible wealth of experience and knowledge of these attorneys, and harnessing their experience to benefit less experienced attorneys, the public, and the Bench.

James also has placed an emphasis on strengthening the CCCBA’s presence and activities in West Contra Costa County and also East Contra Costa County, and hopes that a new “East County” Section will be created.  Furthermore, James is focused on getting the CCCBA more “social media” savvy so that the members and the public learn more about the fantastic work performed by the nearly 1,800 volunteer members of the CCCBA, the dedicated staff, and the Judges in our County.

To learn more about James, please read the “Interview with Incoming Board President James Wu” published by the Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine.

Cheers to 2018!  #cccba4you

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