Employers: Your Biggest Social Media Risks Identified

Employers: Your Biggest Social Media Risks Identified

Has your business identified your social media risks?

According to a recent world-wide survey, one of the biggest risks employers face regarding social media is: not properly training employees about social media policy. Over 37% of employers who responded to the survey proudly declare they have an air-tight social media in the workplace policy, but they fail to train employees about that policy. Making the additional investment of training can greatly reduce employee misuse of social media and can cut down the business’s need to impose discipline on employees.

The other greatest risk to employers focuses on former employees. A paltry 17.5% of businesses have provisions protecting against misuse of social media by former employees. These employers recognize that a person’s use of social media does not cease just because he or she changes jobs.

In my post for Maximize Social Business, I examine more results from this world-wide survey of businesses and offer some best practices for employers to follow.

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