Hoaxes, Lies and a President’s Unconstitutional Behavior

What does President Obama have to do with social media in the workplace?

My article titled “Social Media in the Workplace: Hoaxes, Lies and a President’s Unconstitutional Behavior” was chosen as one of the top Blog Posts by, and highlighted in, the February 8, 2013 Daily Headlines and Features by CommPRO.biz

My article focused on a federal court case (decided in late January 2013) finding that President Obama’s 2012 “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) violated the U.S. Constitution. One consequence of this court case is that now all of the NLRB’s decisions from 2012 are called into question since they were decided by an improperly seated NLRB. I analyze what this court decision means to employers and employees. I also analyze some of the repercussions the Mantei Te’o hoax and lying on resumes/LinkedIn can have in the workplace.

You can read more of my posts regarding Social Media in the Workplace at Windmill Networking.

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