It’s About People: Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine

It’s About People: Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine

As many of you may know, currently I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA). Our local bar association is one of the most vibrant and collegial associations in the state, and perhaps, the nation.

This summer I had the honor to serve as the official “Guest Editor” of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. Specifically, the September 2014 edition was devoted to Employment Law in its entirety. While I am an appointed member to the magazine’s Editorial Board, as Guest Editor of this edition, I had primary responsibility for lining up content for the magazine, reviewing submitted articles and writing the “Inside” column, which I titled “It’s About People”. Fortunately, I was able to rely on many amazing local employment attorneys in putting the magazine together, and I summarized their excellent work in my column.

I also had the privilege of writing only a few words (darn word count and page limits!) about our amazing Executive Director, Lisa Reep, who has devoted decades to the CCCBA and to serving our community. Lisa will be missed greatly. Thankfully, however, Theresa Hurley, who has been with the CCCBA for a few years, will take the reigns and serve as the next Executive Director, so we are in great hands.

Please feel free to contact me, or the CCCBA directly, to learn more about the CCCBA and the many programs it offers to the public and to attorneys.

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