Social Media and Employment Law

Social Media and Employment Law

I am honored and excited to let you all know that I have become a monthly contributor to Windmill Networking, an organization dedicated to helping businesses and professionals leverage social media. Not surprisingly, I am providing content on the topic of Social Media and Employment Law. My monthly posts will appear during the first week of each month. Of course, I will continue to post updates here as well.

My April 2012 post is titled “Employers Be Cautious Using Social Media To Screen Job Applicants.” This article looks into the use, pitfalls, and challenges of using social media in recruiting and hiring, and discusses the well-publicized topic of employers demanding social media (Facebook) login credentials from applicants.

My May 2012 article examines guidance from the National Labor Relations Board regarding employer policies on social media in the workplace. This post is titled: “Employers: Don’t Ignore These Two Acronyms for Social Media Policy Compliance.

Windmill Networking is lead by Neal Shaffer, a Forbes Top 30 Social Media Power Influencer, and the blog where my posts appear is an AdAge Top 150 Global Marketing Blog. Not only will you find my monthly posts, but you will also be able to read tips on how you and your company can use all types of social media for marketing, public relations, B2B, and more.

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