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Elected NCERT President and Announcing Upcoming Live Webinar

Elected NCERT President and Announcing Upcoming Live Webinar

In February 2014, I was honored to have been elected as the President of the Board of Directors of the Northern California Employment Roundtable (NCERT) (a group created in partnership with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing). I look forward to serving as President of NCERT and to focus on NCERT’s primary goal of reducing discrimination and promoting equal opportunity.

I’m also proud to announce that NCERT is hosing a webinar on the proposed amendments to the California Family Rights Act regulations. We are fortunate to have as presenters Phyllis Cheng, Director of the CA DFEH, and two recently installed members (including the Chair) of the new CA Fair Employment and Housing Council, Chaya M. Mandelbaum and Dale L. Brodsky. There is no better authority on this topic than these folks!

The live webinar will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014 from Noon to 1:00p.m in Walnut Creek, CA. You are invited to attend in person in or you may participate remotely via computer. See this PDF flyer for more information and for instructions for registration.

Also, check back with me for NCERT’s fall webinar – more details on that coming soon!

Another Government Agency Addresses Social Media in the Workplace

Another Government Agency Addresses Social Media in the Workplace

In my latest post for Maximize Social Business, I summarize and analyze the impact of the public meeting and the issues that the EEOC highlighted. Ultimately, it is refreshing to know that most of the issues brought before the EEOC are ones that I have written about (and counseled my clients on) over the past several years. The EEOC’s interest in these issues, however, should serve as a reminder to employers that social media in the workplace will only raise more issues and pose more risks unless employers are proactive and avoid waiting for the EEOC to come knocking on the door.

Yahoo!, Telecommuting and March Madness in the Workplace

UPDATED: March 11, 2013: For the second consecutive time, my article for Windmill Networking (MaximizeSocialBusiness) has been highlighted in, and chosen as one of the top Blog posts by Please see the March 8, 2013 Daily Headlines and Features by Last month, my article titled “Social Media in the Workplace: Hoaxes, Lies and a President’s Unconstitutional Behavior” was chosen as one of the top Blog Posts by, and highlighted in, the February 8, 2013 Daily Headlines and Features by

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: March 8, 2013: Yahoo! recently announced the end of telecommuting for its workforce. Yahoo!’s change in policy has spurred many discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting. And, for the majority of employers who permit telecommuting, it is critical that they have clear and comprehensive policies in place to address the many issues of a telecommuting workforce. In my March 2013 post for Windmill Networking (now, I examine some of these issues. In addition, I revisit the many issues employers and employees face during the season of March Madness. See my article titled: “Social Media and Employment Law: March Madness (and Yahoo!/Telecommuting) Causes Craziness in the Workplace“.


Looking Forward To Another Great Year With The Contra Costa County Bar Association

My employment law seminar at the Contra Costa County Bar Association was a success!

On January 25, 2013, I was installed (sworn in) for my second year as a Board Member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA). The CCCBA has been considered one of the premier bar associations in the nation for quite some time due to a dedicated staff, Executive Director, and an active community of attorneys and volunteers.

I also had the opportunity to kick off the new year for the CCCBA’s Employment Law Section by co-presenting an Employment Law Update seminar to other attorneys in the CCCBA. I provided information regarding changes to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, issues with social media in the workplace, changes to various Labor Codes, and discussed steps employers should take to remain complaint with new employment laws. We had a great audience and exchange of view points and tips for practitioners.

I look forward to another great year with The Contra Costa County Bar Association!

Helping Other Solo and Small Law Firms

Helping Other Solo and Small Law Firms

Small law firms can provide a great value to their clients.

I had the pleasure of moderating and participating on a panel yesterday regarding becoming a solo practitioner. The discussion was focused on starting out, malpractice insurance issues, fee agreements and engagement letters, client communications, and many other interesting topics and obstacles (real or perceived) to going solo.

It was a great opportunity to hear about some of the ups and downs others have faced, and to discuss resources for small firms/solos. And, it was refreshing to be reminded about how the solo network can really provide much more value to clients than the traditional large firm/large fee structure.

This panel was the fourth in a series of Law Practice Management presentations sponsored by the Contra Costa County Bar Association. The next, and final gathering is set for October 16, 2012 titled “Business Etiquette For Success” and will include wine and appetizers!