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Egg-Freezing: Will It Help Women at Work?

Egg-Freezing: Will It Help Women at Work?

Apple, Facebook, and other employers have often struggled to recruit and retain female employees in a male-dominated industry. Recently, these companies – as well as others including law and financial services firms – have been adding new employee benefits to attract high-quality, professional women to keep on their payroll.

One of the newest benefits offered is cryo-preservation, also known as egg-freezing. Some believe this new benefit is great for women who want to have a career and delay raising children, and for those women who have not yet found the right partner with whom to start a family. Others see this “benefit” as another way of forcing women to choose career over family, insinuating that women cannot have both a career and family simultaneously.

In my article titled “Egg-Freezing: Is it Truly an Employee Benefit,” co-author Claudia Castillo and I examine some of the social, economic, and legal issues surrounding this new employee benefit. We encourage you to read the article published in the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine and add your own comments to the conversation.

It’s About People: Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine

It’s About People: Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine

As many of you may know, currently I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA). Our local bar association is one of the most vibrant and collegial associations in the state, and perhaps, the nation.

This summer I had the honor to serve as the official “Guest Editor” of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. Specifically, the September 2014 edition was devoted to Employment Law in its entirety. While I am an appointed member to the magazine’s Editorial Board, as Guest Editor of this edition, I had primary responsibility for lining up content for the magazine, reviewing submitted articles and writing the “Inside” column, which I titled “It’s About People”. Fortunately, I was able to rely on many amazing local employment attorneys in putting the magazine together, and I summarized their excellent work in my column.

I also had the privilege of writing only a few words (darn word count and page limits!) about our amazing Executive Director, Lisa Reep, who has devoted decades to the CCCBA and to serving our community. Lisa will be missed greatly. Thankfully, however, Theresa Hurley, who has been with the CCCBA for a few years, will take the reigns and serve as the next Executive Director, so we are in great hands.

Please feel free to contact me, or the CCCBA directly, to learn more about the CCCBA and the many programs it offers to the public and to attorneys.

Two Worlds Have Collided

Two Worlds Have Collided

As many of you know, I have been fortunate to be an active member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association and have served on the Board of Directors for several years. The Bar Association is one of the great professional organizations to which I belong and contribute in connection with my “day job.”

When I am not involved with the CCCBA, or providing legal services to clients, I try to enjoy family time and giving back to the community in additional ways. This past year, I had the privilege of serving as the President of Walnut Creek Little League. It was an honor to be President and to have worked with other community volunteers during the 75th anniversary of Little League, the 40th anniversary of Softball Little League, and the 25th anniversary of Little League’s Challenger Division. Coincidentally, this year was also Walnut Creek’s 100th birthday. This past season, WCLL served a record number of players (almost 900) ranging from ages 5-14 years old.

These two worlds collided in the August 2014 edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. The entire edition of the magazine was devoted to the “secret lives” of legal professionals in Contra Costa County. Nicole Mills (a wonderful legal professional and mother of two WCLL players) exposed to the local legal community my secret life as WCLL President. Thank you Nicole for a flattering article, and for helping to expose the far more interesting secret lives of other Contra Costa County attorneys and judges.

Looking Forward To Another Great Year With The Contra Costa County Bar Association

My employment law seminar at the Contra Costa County Bar Association was a success!

On January 25, 2013, I was installed (sworn in) for my second year as a Board Member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA). The CCCBA has been considered one of the premier bar associations in the nation for quite some time due to a dedicated staff, Executive Director, and an active community of attorneys and volunteers.

I also had the opportunity to kick off the new year for the CCCBA’s Employment Law Section by co-presenting an Employment Law Update seminar to other attorneys in the CCCBA. I provided information regarding changes to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, issues with social media in the workplace, changes to various Labor Codes, and discussed steps employers should take to remain complaint with new employment laws. We had a great audience and exchange of view points and tips for practitioners.

I look forward to another great year with The Contra Costa County Bar Association!

Inspiring Stories From Local High School Students

Inspiring Stories From Local High School Students

Costa County Bar Association works with high school students who participate (thrive) in their High School Law Academies.

Contra Costa

Last night, I was lucky enough to hear the personal stories of three high school students who participate (thrive) in their respective High School Law Academies here in Contra Costa County. They come from economically hard-hit areas of our county (Richmond and Antioch), yet they have blossomed into excellent, articulate students and the future leaders of our community.

I’m proud that the Contra Costa County Bar Association has supported and worked with these law academies for so long, and last night, honored them by focusing its annual Gala Reception to raise funds for the law academies at Richmond High School, DeAnza High School, and Deer Valley High School. Click on the links above to learn more about each law academy and how lawyers, judges, court personnel, law enforcement, teachers and many others are helping our community.